Gary Alex Jackson


Gary Alex Jackson
Known Aliases: Gareth Johnson, Greg White, Alex Jordon
Nationality: USA
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 235
Association: Phantom Angels

Jackson should be considered extremely dangerous. He has substantial combat experience both with firearms and hand to hand. He has extensive contacts within the occult underground and the mundane criminal element. He has significant resources available to him, the source of which is currently unknown. Expect him and his associates to the heavily armed.

February 3rd, 2010, Jackson was responsible for the theft of a rare book. The attack took place in on I-55 North of Memphis as the book was being transported from the xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. The attack team consisted of between six and ten individuals and was well equipped and coordinated. xxxxx
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, but this was clearly a preplanned effort rather than an attack of opportunity. Two of our agents were killed and two more were seriously injured in the attack.

Several teams were immediately put in pursuit of Jackson and the book. Three of the attackers where captured in the days following the attack and taken to our facility in Kenosha for interrogation. They proved to be hired muscle with no connection to the Angels or Jackson. On the 10th of February associate Edwin Myers was killed in a gun fight with xxxxx near Little Rock, AR. However agents arrived at the location where Jackson was staying too late to apprehend him.

Jackson has surfaced several times since the attack. He was spotted in March of 2010 in New York however no team could be mobilized in time to intercept. In July of 2010 agents from xxxxxx, who were observing known members of the Phantom Angels, encountered Jackson in Shreveport. In a brief engagement an associate of Jackson was killed and one of our Agents was wounded. Jackson and an unknown female associate managed to escape. In December Jackson and the woman where spotted in Charleston, NC asking questions of members local occult community. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx. Jackson has not been spotted since.

It is believed that he still in the United States. Agents have been tasked to observe known Phantom Angels and xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to prevent contact between the organization and Jackson. We believe this has been successful. Jackson is still believed to be in possession of the book.

Gary Alex Jackson

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