Susan Carol McCarthy


Susan Carol McCarthy
Known Aliases: None
Nationality: USA
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 120
Association: None

Susan is art student at CSU Sacramento. She is in her third year. She is from Carson City, Nevada, but now lives in Sacramento full time. She is not currently employed. She currently resides at:

5525 M St
Sacramento, CA 95819

Home Phone is 916-555-2873

Information from Xxxxx x indicates that Susan will be killed some time between 7:14 AM 3 August 2012 and 9:28 PM 4 August 2012. This information is considered highly reliable. Cause of death is at this point entirely unknown.

We have further information that her death will be detrimental for our organization. Xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

Susan Carol McCarthy

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