The Book


The book depicted is on a cloth covered table with a ruler for scale. The book is quite large, approximately 18” by 12” and several inches thick. It is quite old in appearance and bound in worn black leather. The corners of the book covered in oiled brass and there are two heavy clasps, top and bottom, also of brass. These are close and locked with modern padlocks of good quality. The cover has an oiled brass emblem of a sun crossed with a pair of spears.


The Symbol on the Book
The symbol features prominently in the MMO “Crusaders of the Ancient World”. This is a niche game with much of its player base out of the US. The symbol is mostly associated with the Necromancer class in that game. You further manage to determine, following some documents posted by a player of the game that the symbol is related to a Scythian tribe that was supposedly involved in dark magic. You also managed to turn up two experts in ancient cultures whose web pages display the symbol. One is Dr. Theresa Ebbert in the Near East Studies department at UC Berkeley. The other is Güz Tabek as the University of Ankara. Unfortunately there is pretty much no meaningful information online about the tribe or the symbol.

The Book

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